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Wendell Minnick (顏文德), B.S., M.A., is an author, commentator, journalist and speaker who has spent two decades covering military and security issues in Asia, including one book on intelligence and over 1,200 articles.

Since October 2016, Minnick has served as the Senior Asia Correspondent for Shephard Media, a London-based military publishing company that specializes in magazines, such as Defence Helicopter, Digital Battlespace, International Maritime Port Security, Land Warfare International, Military Logistics Forum, Military Training and Simulation News, Rotohub, and Unmanned Vehicles. Handbooks include: Armoured Vehicles, Artillery and Air Defence, C4I Systems, Civil and Parapublic Helicopter, Electronic Warfare, Infantry Equipment, Maritime Security Handbook, Military Helicopter, and Military Logistics.  

From 2006-2016, Minnick served as the Asia Bureau Chief for Defense News, a Washington-based defense weekly newspaper.

2000-2006: Served as the Taiwan Correspondent for UK-based Jane's Defence Weekly.

Minnick has written numerous books on a variety of military and Cold War topics.


Articles - Personal Favorites:

He is widely quoted on defense and military issues by the international media, including AFP, Aljazeera, Associated Press, BBC, Deutsche Welle, New York Times, Reuters, Sky News and The Wall Street Journal.

Minnick is available for speaking engagements in both Asia and elsewhere. Please contact the China Speakers Bureau for more information.


In 2006, Minnick was appointed the first Asia Bureau Chief for Defense News. He has written over 1,000 articles for Defense News. A brief bibliography of Defense News articles can be viewed here.

Military Exercises

Minnick has been on over 100 military exercises and deployment drills.

Minnick on a Taiwan Coast Guard vessel landing at Dongyin Island north of Matsu Island.

Air Shows and Defense Exhibition Coverage

Since 2000, Minnick has covered the following air shows and defense exhibitions and conferences in the region:

From 2000-2006, Minnick served as the first Taiwan Correspondent for UK-based Jane’s Defence Weekly. He wrote over 250 articles for a variety of Jane’s publications:
  • Jane’s Airport Review
  • Jane’s Asian Infrastructure
  • Jane’s Defence Upgrades
  • Jane’s Defence Weekly
  • Jane’s Intelligence Review
  • Jane’s Missiles and Rockets
  • Jane’s Navy International
  • Jane’s Sentinel Country Risk Assessment
Minnick also contributed data to Jane’s Fighting Ships and other Jane's Yearbooks. View a complete bibliography here

With a female Taiwanese Special Forces instructor at an airborne mountain training facility

Early Writing Career

Minnick began his writing career researching and writing about Cold War espionage and covert operations for a variety of publications.

Minnick has drawn extensively from public sources -- 277 entries in his bibliography -- to present alphabetical descriptions of 627 accused or convicted spies from around the world during the Cold War era. These descriptions range from a couple of sentences to a couple of pages in length, along with a listing of the major sources for each. In the course of these descriptions some 300 additional names are mentioned in passing. A 19-page chronology is also included.

The book was well received in the U.S. intelligence community, including positive book reviews in Cryptolog, Cryptologia, Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin, Periscope (AFIO) and The Surveillant.

Minnick's research was profiled in the 1995 release of the Whole Spy Catalog: A Resource Encyclopedia for Researchers.

During the early 1990s, Minnick conducted a significant amount of research in Hong Kong and Taiwan into the 1955 Air India bombing and the possible CIA assassination attempt on Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai, which appeared in a 1995 article "Target: Zhou Enlai" in the Hong Kong-based Far Eastern Economic Review.

His research efforts were the focus of a feature story by Vivian Chiu, “Secrets of CIA War on China,” South China Morning Post (Hong Kong, 1 August 1992): Saturday Review Section (see below).

Associations, Licenses and Memberships
  1. Afghanistan Forum
  2. Apple Daily (Chinese-language)
  3. Army Magazine
  4. Asian Profile
  5. Asian Thought and Society
  6. Asia Times
  7. BBC
  8. C4ISR Journal
  9. Chicago South Asia Newsletter
  10. Defense News
  11. Far Eastern Economic Review
  12. Indian Military Review
  13. International Peacekeeping
  14. Jane’s Airport Review
  15. Jane’s Asian Infrastructure
  16. Jane’s Defence Upgrades
  17. Jane’s Defence Weekly
  18. Jane’s Intelligence Review
  19. Jane’s Missiles and Rockets
  20. Jane’s Navy International
  21. Jane’s Sentinel Country Risk Assessments
  22. Japanese Journal of Religious Studies
  23. Journal of Asian History
  24. Journal of Chinese Religions
  25. Journal of Oriental Studies
  26. Journal of Political and Military Sociology
  27. Journal of Security Administration
  28. Journal of the American Academy of Religion
  29. Liberty Times (Chinese-language)
  30. Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin
  31. Military Review
  32. Nation Shield Journal
  33. New Canadian Review
  34. New World Outlook
  35. Pacific Affairs
  36. Powerlifting USA
  37. South Asia In Review
  38. Taipei Times
  39. Topics (Taiwan-AMCHAM)
  40. Towson State Journal of International Affairs
  41. The Writer
  42. Writer’s Connection